Our Registered Player

Players Id Name Father's Name Birthday District Contact No. Blood Group Email Gender Registration Year Achievement
BAB-00001 Shubham Kumar Ram Pyare Sharma 2000-01-19 Rohtas Male 2015
BAB-00002 Priyesh Ranjan Bhagwan Singh 2001-10-29 Rohtas Male 2015
BAB-00003 Abhishek Raj Sushil Kumar Soni 2002-01-25 Rohtas Male 2015
BAB-00004 Shakti Singh Rajesh Singh 2002-08-25 Rohtas Male 2015
BAB-00005 Shubham Singh Abhay Singh 2001-08-12 Rohtas Male 2015
BAB-00006 Akshay Kumar Laddu Gond 2002-01-18 Rohtas Male 2015
BAB-00007 Mannu Kumar Dularchadra Singh 2002-01-03 Rohtas Male 2015
BAB-00008 Vikash Kumar Gupta Sanjay Kumar Gupta 1997-09-09 Patna 08083137244 Male 2015
BAB-00009 Abhinandan Kumar Shri Pawan Kumar Singh 1998-09-11 Patna 08540087608 O +ve Male 2015
BAB-00010 Rahul Kumar Shani Mr. Pappu Shani 1999-05-08 Patna 08252419132 rs3125380.rs@gmail.com Male 2015

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